Wednesday, May 4, 2011

4 May 2011

Today has been uneventful really, which is not a bad thing other than getting a bit bored sitting at home by myself! hahaha Though my dad and Heather did come and rescue me and took me out for lunch which was really nice :)

So my birthday is over for another year and I am surviving being another year older (may be requiring a new hip soon tho I am sure!), but now what is coming up... mothers day... all these days are happening too soon! It's too early to be asking me to deal with these events! I know whenever they came they were going to be hard... but this soon? This was meant to be my first mothers day... with my first born baby in my arms... instead my arms are empty, my heart hurts and I don't feel like a mum at all! This month in general is proving to be a hard one! First my birthday, then mothers day, and then there are a few babies due this month that are close to me... I am very happy for all their families... it just still hurts for me.

Tomorrow we have an appointment at the hospital... just a follow up I think really... might be interesting, but could really not be... we will see I guess... not a big fan of the hospital... well not the departments we have dealt with for Lily... all of them have been shocking! However, the emergency department was fantastic when we went in for Luke's kidney stone... Here's hoping there are no mess ups or complications tomorrow... I am glad it is not in the same area (I don't think) as where we had Lily... not sure I could go back there at the moment :(


I am thankful for
~*~ Knitting... great way to pass the time! You should see what I just completed... it's cute! Not perfect (think it may have been a little bit difficult for a beginner that has only been knitting for like 8 weeks!)... am trying to decide whether it is worth giving away... ~*~

And the positive thing from today...
~*~ Lunch with my dad and Heather :) Thanks guys! ~*~