Sunday, May 29, 2011

29 May 2011

I married an amazing man, I have loved seeing him with the kids we have in our care over the last week or so! He has such an amazing, natural way with the kids and they just respond to him so well! Today I even got to sleep in (till 8am) because he got up to them early and kept them quiet!

Normally as foster parents we only take preschoolers so these kids (7 and 9) are a completely new experience for us! Lol. But it seems that we can do it, hahaha I know that might sound strange, but its very different when you raise them from little, but to be given kids this age and have to take over their care for an unknown amount of time... and an age you are not used to? It's a challenge, well for me anyway... but it has been great to learn that we can do it... sure we are still learning and every day there is something new to learn, but it is an interesting journey and it has been fun... We want to give these kids everything we can while they are with us... give them our best... will it make any difference for the kids long term? Maybe, maybe not... but we can't give them anything but our best, it's not who we are... these kids deserve the best, all kids do so of course we would do what we could to give them that... I am not talking materially... but time, effort, love, care all those gooey words... 

My aunty had her baby today, haven't been to visit yet as it was a long day for them! But might go up tomorrow to see them... but from what I have heard they are all doing well... yay :)

Today I am thankful for
~*~ The safe arrival of probably my last cousin... can't wait to meet her ~*~

And the positive for the day...
~*~ Getting some bunks for the kids who are staying... they're possibly with us for 6-8 weeks so need to be on proper beds! One was just on a fold out bed so now they in real beds I feel much happier! (fingers crossed no one falls off the top bunk (there is a barrier...)...)~*~