Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2 November 2011

 Had our 12 week scan today! Very exciting! I have been able to listen to our baby's heartbeat on my doppler at home for the past 5 days or so which meant I wasn't worried whether the heart was beating at this scan... so much more enjoyable! 

To the left is our babies arms in what looks to me like a karate move...

This pic is of our baby's brain... but all Luke and I see is a butterfly... hmmm

Despite asking, she wouldn't even look to see if she could tell the sex of bubba... :( think she was scared she might be wrong! But she made up for it! I asked at what stage they would be able to see all 4 chambers of the heart, the diaphragm and how many vessels in the cord... She said heart and diaphragm are normally about 16 weeks... but checked the cord straight away and it had 3 vessels which is good :)

Then she said she would try to check the heart and diaphragm but wasn't sure what she would be able to see... didn't help that our bubs just wouldn't stop moving! Was rolling all over the place and flipping back and forth! Very entertaining for us! But after awhile she was able to see a perfect diaphragm and then a perfect looking heart! So yay!

We get to go back in about 4 weeks (at 16 weeks) just to double check the heart and diaphragm really :) I look forward to it! LOVE scans!