The Birth

Monday, 35 weeks 6 days pregnant... I was asked how I was enjoying the start of my maternity leave, I said that I was bored already... half joking... that night at 10.45 I rolled over in bed and my waters broke. I freaked while Luke rang our midwife (only Lily would take it upon herself to spice up our lives!) Our midwife told us to go back to bed since I wasnt having contractions (yeah right... back to bed...) and we would go to see her in the morning. The next day we went to see the midwife, and we went to the hospital and we went home, deciding to give my body and Lily the chance to go into labour naturally. The next day we tried to do what we could to get Lily engaged before going to the hospital... including spending a good portion of the day walking around having photos taken... We went to the hospital at 4pm and I was 1cm dilated and something else (I don't understand MOST of what happened that day!).... so they started the whole induction thing with the first lot of gel, 6 hours later when they checked me I was 3cm so instead of more gel they started me on the drip to make the contractions come harder and faster... oh and the epidural, can't forget the epidural! It was fantastic! This was all at about 2am. At 3.20 I had some pain which took 30mins and 4 pumps of my epidural thing to fix. Was feeling al good and pain free again at 3.55ish. Then at about 4.45 when there was no one but me and Luke in the room, Lily slipped into the world... literally slipped, no pushing needed, we were both dozing until I felt my stomach move strangely and reached between my legs, and while I pushed the call button I called to Luke "you might want to get up, there is something between my legs", Luke hit the emergency button (sending loud alarms down the hall..) and then pretty much delivered our daughter while the hospital midwives and staff came running. She was delivered up into my arms as we had asked, without any intervention from the medical profession. We held her close and she slowly took a few breaths before leaving us for the arms of angels. Then we held her for longer, then it was time for our families (who had been in the next room) to smother her with their love while I had the unfortunate experience of them spending more than 2.5 hours trying to remove my placenta and stitch me up. We were extremely lucky to have someone offer (a couple of days before Lilys birth) to come and take photos for us at the hospital... and I can never express how much this amazing gift means to me... we have some beautiful photos of our baby girl being surrounded by so much love in the short time we had her! I would also just like to add, that our baby girl was born looking perfect on the outside, which we had been warned wouldn't happen, we were told she would be a blue colour and she wasn't, and there wasn't a trace of that 6th toe either!