Thursday, May 12, 2011

12 May 2011

Well today feels like it has been a busy day! And I am now shattered and really should go to bed... and I will when I have finished here :)

I went into work today to hang out for a bit and gave a date for going back (20 June)... I actually spent the morning hanging out in the infants area (0-2year olds)... it was very different to the age group I usually work with 2-3.5ish but was fun :) However, I should actually make the effort to spend time with the kids I will be working with! lol... I don't really know why my usual kids make me draw a blank... and maybe it is just because I have been off for an extended period of time... it has been almost 9 weeks since I finished... so I am hoping a bit of 'practice' and I will be back "in the groove".

So other than my headache making its reappearance today and I can't shake it even with nurofen, and feeling rather drained, mentally and emotionally, I am doing ok and the week is still going well :) It is a good feeling really.

Today I am thankful for...
~*~ A great work place full of amazing people :) ~*~

And a positive thing from the day...
~*~ Going to the in-laws for dinner - no cooking for me tonight! (Thanks Raewyn and John!) ~*~