Monday, May 23, 2011

23 May 2011

Today I was able to breathe again and there was almost a physical feeling of weight being lifted! I swear I could have run a marathon and won! I got my results from my blood tests and they were all clear! They had tested for an auto immune disease of some sort due to a test that was done when I was in having Lily being slightly abnormal... One of the tests was specifically for lupus which I had heard of but never about, but when I looked it up it just made me worry more! But now that the results came back good, the world is actually a brighter place! I haven't been depressed or anything, but it is amazing the affect it had on me that I hadn't realised! 
So maybe the doctor was a vampire and my blood wasn't really tested they just said I was and it came back normal?

Overall - I am feeling good! We still have some kids staying with us, they are both back at school tomorrow. Haven't been able to get hold of cyfs yet so the poor things are still clueless as to what is meant to be happening for them! Fingers crossed I can get some answers for them tomorrow!

We got a new sponsor child today! The one I have sponsored for 9 years has moved out of the project and so now we have a new one... A little girl called Deslinda... I love kids and love being able to do what I can to help them! Whether that is by providing a safe and loving home for the ones in our own country or sending money to ones overseas... It is hard being able to offer help to other children but not to have been able to help my own. Doesn't stop me doing what I can for who I can, just really wish I could have helped my own. :(

For all you mummies out there... this morning I came to really appreciate you! Lol... who knew how hard it was to get kids up and ready for school and then to school on time, pick them up again, get them showered, fed, entertained and into bed at a decent hour!! I guess it probably becomes habit... but today I came to really appreciate the work! lol!
Anyway, now I am ready to rest... not just sleep, but to lay my head down and rest. Really rest...

The positive of the day...
~*~ That's easy, being able to breathe again after getting good results from my blood tests! ~*~

And I am thankful for...
~*~ Hot chocolates.... I really need another one, it has been tooooo long! ~*~

Sarah. :)