Monday, May 16, 2011

16 May 2011

You know what... today I wondered if maybe the doctor at the hospital is just a vampire... and sent me for blood tests just so she could have my blood... I'm a pretty sweet person (right?) so my blood would be sweet so I can understand why a vampire might want it... I think this is a very feasible theory as to why I haven't heard back about my blood tests... I don't care that its only Monday!!! They have had 3.5 days now (I'm sure they work over the weekend...), my case is very important (to me) so I am sure my blood tests would be sent to the very front of the line... right? Exactly, so for me not to have heard yet... I think she is a vampire and has just drunk it all! And if that is the reason... I am ok with that! :D

Luke pointed out to me last night (after I wrote my blog) that I was a big liar... I didn't have a quiet day at home yesterday! After church we came home for like an hour and then we went to the theatre! That sounds very glamourous! We went to see "Death of a Salesman"... its a very sad story! But they did a fantastic job of it :) So yeah, not a quiet day at home at all... we didn't get home from the theatre until about 5 I think...

However, TODAY was a quiet day, I did aim to mow the lawns but the weather was just too gross... so I did very little instead! But I went grocery shopping by myself... I don't really like grocery shopping any more... and even less by myself... but because I didn't want to cause Luke any more pain (see I CAN be sympathetic!) I told him to stay home... what a good wife am I... ok so the real reason was so I could buy some M&Ms but ssshhh... don't tell Luke! :)

Anyway, today I am thankful for...
~*~ Morphine at home so we don't have to go to the hospital when Luke is in pain! ~*~

And the positive thing from the day... wow it has been an uneventful day! Will be glad to get out of the house tomorrow... even if it is just to go to work :D but never the less something must have been positive today... aha!
~*~ A visit from Heidi... welcome back to good ol' Hammy, Heidi! Look forward to seeing more of you! :D ~*~