Saturday, May 14, 2011

14 May 2011

Just when you think it is all over and you can start moving forward (not move on... but moving forward), you receive a letter from the hospital asking you to repeat a blood test as one came back "slightly abnormal"... so I had more blood taken from me and now I sit and wait for results of tests that I don't really know what they are but didn't sound nice when I looked them up on google so I stopped looking... I am really hoping the results come back quick! And that when they DO come back quick that the doctor rings me as soon as she gets them so I can stop waiting... I am hoping that the fact that I have NO symptoms of what they appear to be testing for is a good sign and the tests come back so normal that the doctor laughs that I was even tested! I need it to be finished so I can keep moving forward... not being pulled back...

Speaking of medical stuff though, I have really had enough of the hospital in general! Luke woke me up at about 5.30 this morning and we ended up in the Emergency Room because he was in so much pain with his kidney stone, poor thing! So he got dosed up on morphine, breakfast and given a comfy bed to get some rest while they did tests... while I starved and sat in an uncomfortable chair for 4 hours! Lol think I came out feeling worse than Luke! However, I don't want his pain! He can keep that!

Hopefully early next week I will have some good results that put my mind at ease!

Today I am thankful for
~*~ Having a car to drive to the hospital in! ~*~

And the positive thing from the day...
~*~ Trying the double down burger... yeah I tried it, Luke and I halved one... nothing special... but have tried it now! ~*~