Tuesday, May 24, 2011

24 May 2011

Photo challenge Day 03 - A picture of the cast from your favorite show
- All time favourite = Friends 
- Current favourite = Greys Anatomy

I love the Friends program!  I can watch episodes over and over again and still laugh!

That done, today was a good day :) Both the kids were at school today which I think they both needed! We are getting better at the afternoon/evening routine! It's hard to go from the life we were living and how we were doing things, to instantly having a family that didn't get to slowly develop! And in an age group I have no idea about! Lol. But we managed to have them entertained after school, then showered, fed, playing quietly and then to bed on time! Woohoo! It is strange eating so early! Hahaha but we're getting there I think! 

Had contact with cyfs today... there is still no plan in place yet for these kids so they are still waiting for answers so still not sure how long we have them for... but they are great kids and we love having them. 

Did you know there are some schools that don't send homework home? CRAZY! Kinda wished I had gone to one like that! Lol

Got to talk about Lily today to someone who didn't know any of the details of her eventful birth and life... every time I tell the stories I laugh and remember how special she really was, and my heart aches again, but also refills the joy I felt since I found out I was pregnant with her! 

Life is good, sure it has its downs but it has so many more ups! Yes we lost our daughter, but we also got a daughter, we got to spend 8 months getting to know our daughter and we got to hold her and tell her we love her... that's a MASSIVE up! 

Looking forward to the next couple of days! Get to get out of the house and get one (or two...) hot chocolate/s!! :D And get grown ups for company! 

Anyway... I am thankful for...
~*~ The opportunity to talk about Lily heaps again... unfortunately my stories of my daughter don't change! And I don't get new ones... so its nice when I can tell them to someone who hasn't heard them as I am sure many of you are sick of hearing the same stories over and over! Lol... I don't know who knows what anymore! Lol ~*~

And the positive from today...
~*~ Hopefully sorting out a case of light fingers we discovered... not a major case, but something that needed to be sorted... and I think we may have done this with everyone's dignity intact! ~*~

Sarah. :D