Sunday, June 5, 2011

5 June 2011

We had a very busy and productive day today! Spent the morning... yes the whole morning... shopping for the kids clothes... we got more than I thought we would get for the money were had been allocated! Yay! Then we went to a $2 type shop before going to the park to play frisbie and kick a ball around, to burn off the energy provided by the fizzy drink they had with lunch!

And that was all before 2! Lol

The kids appear to understand now that they may be with us for another 7-8 weeks. A sad realisation but better that they know and stop expecting to go home every couple of days!

My brainwave of teh day is random, it is about stretch marks... I got a heap of them while I was pregnant with Lily and since the end of my pregnancy I have really disliked them, maybe because there was no longer a reason for them... while I was pregnant they didn't bother me! They were there for a reason, but then suddenly they were still there and there was no longer a reason... so I didn't like them... some one said to me awhile ago to be proud of them, they are a mark of something amazing... but at the time that didn't work, I couldn't look at them like that... but tonight I suddenly could, they are not something I am ashamed of tonight, they are a mark of what my body carried, and while the marks themselves may not be something to be proud of, the reason for them, what my body carried, that is something to be proud of, if that makes sense? 

The thing I am thankful for today...
~*~ getting these kiddies some new clothes... even if it took like 2.5 hours! ~*~

And the positive thing for the day...
~*~ Having the time, fine weather and energy to play with the kids at the park :D ~*~