Wednesday, June 8, 2011

8 June 2011

A great day today... Luke and I went to the movies to see "Water For Elephants"... was good to get out, jut the two of us :) 
Afterwards we got a bigger plant pot thing and took it out to Lily's grave... it is funny to think the plant we put out there began as a tiny plant in the small pot we originally put it in... then it took over the pot so now we put a bigger pot out there it can keep growing and we can keep sticking things in the pot too! :) I love that it is a bright and cheerful spot of remembrance for our little girl! 

I find it interesting that for me, out by Lily's grave has become almost a place of rest for me... I know it sounds strange, and honestly it was a strange thing for me to realise too... but when I am at my lowest, or have had a rough day, or even just an emotional one, the place I want to go is there out to Lily's grave... Not because my baby is out there... all there is there is her body, but it really is a place of rest for me... 

Anyway, we are having problems with one of the kiddies we have here (9) is still stealing from us... nothing major at all, but don't want it to escalate... have tried talking to her and confronted her today and told her it must stop now and she agreed, but not sure how long that will last... so if anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with it, please let me know!!!! We have tried a general "We know things are being taken, if they are returned and nothing else goes missing then we never speak of it again" and that seemed to work, everything was returned and it seemed to stop, for about 12 days... and like I said, today I confronted her one on one and told her it must stop, but need some suggestions for if it doesn't!!!!!!!!

Today I am thankful for
~*~ A date day with my hubby :) As much as we could fit in between the school runs! ~*~

And the positive thing for the day...
~*~ "upgrading" Lily's grave... its a great tribute to her and I love that it is bring and colourful! :) Representing the joy and happiness she brought to our lives! ~*~