Saturday, June 11, 2011

11 June 2011

The photo is of Lily's grave site as of today... it looks a bit of a mess but its not really!! Lol It is a bit blown around today so the plant isn't looking its best... and the photo doesn't do it justice, it is bright and colourful and full of love!

Today was a good day :) Managed to get some stuff done :) The kids were off visiting their family and Luke was at work... I went out to Lily's grave and took some tulips and another sort of flower out to put in the glass vase that isn't meant to be there... :P  It was good to go there, am glad the rain hadn't arrived yet!

Tonight Heidi and Raewyn (Lukes sister and mum) came round and looked after the kids while Luke and I went and had dinner and caught up with Renee and Glen and Pip and Phil and the very cute baby Lachlan... Was a good night! Would love to do it again soon! I got to have some lovely LOOOOONG cuddles with Lachlan... he smelt yummy! Lol. While sometimes it is hard to see babies and little kiddies, it is getting easier and I still enjoy them and they still make me very clucky! I just think that at the moment it is the NEXT round of babies that is harder as I have tried to explain in other posts... the ones I get to snuggle now are all from the same wave as Lily... its the next round that I miss out on, thats what I found hard... I failed when it was my go, so now its someone elses turn... but just as it got easier to be round babies, I imagine it will get easier to hear other people are pregnant now too... I hope so anyway...

So the positive of the day...
~*~ dinner and catch up with friends and cuddles with Lachlan :D~*~

And I am thankful for...
~*~ Inlaws who babysit! Thanks Raewyn and Heidi!! ~*~