Saturday, June 4, 2011

4 May 2011

What a great day! :) Had a lovely visit this morning with yummy cake... and Caroline and Sasha were there too of course... Was great to catch up! Thanks for your visit and baking Caroline!! Then tonight we had the awesome Jen and Nico (pictured) over for dinner (Yeah, I cooked for 6 people! Go me!). So it has been a day filled with great company!

I only have 2 weeks of leave left before I go back to work... boy the time has gone fast!! A couple of people have asked how I am feeling about going back to work... but it is hard to explain! I am looking forward to going back and being around people, both young and old (Yes the old part is you Caroline! :P)... but sometimes I do feel a little bit anxious about it but I don't really know what about... I am not worried about dealing with the kiddies, I THINK I have got over my little freak out with kids. Maybe I am just a little anxious about how it will all go, and how I will cope... One thing I have learned through this journey is that my emotions and thoughts can really catch me by surprise, so I don't want to say that I will be fine... I think I will be ok, I can't see any reason not to be... Well any other reason than the fact that emotions are unpredictable! lol

Anyway, I am off to bed, it is only 9.30 but it feels like it is 11pm!!!!

Today I am thankful for
~*~ Jen and Nico! They were even brave enough to eat my cooking!! ~*~

And the positive of the day...
~*~ The fantastic company throughout the day! Thanks Caroline, Sasha, Jen and Nico! I loved and appreciated your visits!! ~*~