Thursday, June 9, 2011

9 June 2011

 A nice, uneventful day! Went out and spent most of it with my mum :) The first photo here is of my beautiful mum, and the second is of me with my Granny and my mum when we went to Thailand (Jan 2010). I love my mum, she is a truly amazing woman and I love spending time with her so it was a good day!

Still looking for advice on what to do with the stealing in our house... mum gave me some ideas to try but welcome any other suggestions too! :D

What I am thankful for today is a case of "too much info" but it is what it is! ~*~ I am thankful for... having my period again.. who would have thought I would be thankful for such a thing! But having my period back again regularly is kind of a great feeling in the sense that it means my body is getting back to normal, or is very close to being so! :) Tht makes me thankful! ~*~

And the positive thing of the day...
~*~ Spending time with my mummy :) ~*~

Uneventful post huh!