Saturday, June 18, 2011

18 June 2011

Today I was having a... well I would like to say clean OUT but I don't think I got rid of anything... so really just a reorganisation... any way, came across these two photos of me when I was 1 day old that I don't remember seeing before... But I was surprised to look at them and see a similarity to Lily... maybe no one else can see it, but I saw it and I liked seeing that because I still look at the photos and see Luke.. obviously the fuzzy pictures on the left are me and the clearer ones on the right are my beautiful bub.

Today I suddenly realised how much I had wanted to do before going back to work that I haven't done... ops! So spent the day reorganising our outside room... again it was re organising rather than cleaning out :S The room is full of our 'stuff' that we can't seem to part with... there is a lot of stuff! Anyway, I reorganised some of it today so we can fit some more 'stuff' in there... hahaha Seems a little pointless but I am glad I did it! Means we can clear out some of the stuff from our room inside! Oh boy if we buy a new house without that space we are going to REALLY be in trouble!!!!!!!

Back to work on Monday... and thankfully I will be wearing pants! I haven't bought any clothes since having Lily and am currently wearing pants that are too big for me (preggy ones) usually, with 1 pair of jeans that were from early on in my pregnancy... so wasn't sure what I was going to wear to work, but I tried on my old work pants today, ones from before I was pregnant and some of them fit! So I will be wearing pants on Monday! I'm sure that pleases everyone!!! Hahaha

Today I am thankful for...
~*~ our outside rooms where we can store all our "stuff" ~*~

And the positive from today...
~*~ Finding photos of me that reminded me of Lily :) ~*~

Sarah :D