Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday 6 April 2011

Just a short entry today as it has been a good day... why? I managed to sleep most of the night last night! Haven't done even close to that since we laid Lily's body to rest. Usually I spend more of the night awake than asleep... but last night, I actually managed to sleep more than I was awake!! Bonus! Here's hoping that continues! Now just to get rid of this CONSTANT head ache!

Today I have two positives... one was actually from yesterday but I will use it today...
~*~ #1 - We found and purchased our rings today we will wear in memory of Lily... Neither of us ended up getting what we originally thought we would want, but have found ones we love... just have to wait for them to be made now! Roll on 2 weeks! (and by the way FANTASTIC service at Showcase Jewellers in centreplace... also known as Gemtime I think...!) ~*~
~*~ #2 - We are extremely grateful to the amazing woman (I won't name you) who turned up with bags of groceries for us yesterday! An amazing blessing that we were not expecting! Thank you SO much! ~*~

Sarah. x