Wednesday, April 27, 2011

27 April 2011

The only way I can describe today in comparison to the last week is "fantastic". Went in to work this morning and it was good... no panic attacks, a little anxiety on my way there but not enough to make me turn around and come home, and once I got there I was ok :) Helped by invading one wonderful lady's morning tea break (thanks Caroline) and then talking to another amazing lady (thanks Jayne :D). I am really lucky to work with such amazing people!

I will admit to being a little bit emotional today though, but I was able to control it... it wasn't over powering emotions. It was just enough to rattle me a bit and when other things in the day didn't happen as I expected, I got a bit emotional... but nothing a bit of knitting and a walk didn't help!

So today I am thankful for...
~*~ All the incredible people I work with! ~*~

And my positive thing that happened today...
~*~ Going in to work with a good result!!! ~*~

Sarah. :D