Monday, April 4, 2011

Remembering the good times

Ok, yes I have already done my post for today, but this one is different! This one is about remembering the good times... its so easy to continue on in the grief and while it has its place... I need to remember the good times too!!

Yes it has been hard and there is so much we are missing now, and going to miss in the future with Lily and I have written about them, but then I read Luke's blog today ( ) and part of his positive for today was about remembering "the amazing time we got to spend with her"
... so I was inspired... Here is me remembering the good times!

I have struggled with having a birth that was just so strangely abnormal... but then that was our beautiful girl! She gave us the gift of arriving when no one was there but us, she came with a shock and surprise and spent her life snuggled in the arms of someone who loves her immeasurably, treasures her beyond belief and cherished every moment she was around... (that person was me by the way) and then she spent the time past her life snuggled, cherished and loved by family that were there to see and meet her.

But before that, our Lily kicked and wriggled inside me, responding to touch and to noise, towards the end she would even respond to her name! She showed her personality on the big screen during scans, showing a personality that we came to love, we were able to laugh as she showed a cheekiness that I swear comes from Luke, but while she tried to hide from the "camera" she also gave us some beautiful (scan) photos and even behaved enough to show us she was a girl quite clearly (then confirmed by DNA when we had an amnio).

So yes there is much we will miss about the future, and also about the rest of the pregnancy that we missed, but we had an amazing 8 months with our beautiful daughter that we were blessed with and she was worth EVERY moment! I don't regret carrying her when we were told things weren't good and we turned down a termination... we had 8 months of great joy and fun and IT WAS WORTH IT!!!

Sarah. :D