Saturday, April 16, 2011

16 April 2011

I was listening to a song today called "anthem" by Jake Hamilton, I haven't listened to this song in a very long time and it is one of my faves! Its got some amazing lyrics in it, it had me in tears as I was listening to the part that goes "He's calling, wake up child, it's your turn to shine, you were born for such a time as this", and "I am royalty, I have destiny, I have been set free, I'm going to shape history" and I got this beautiful picture of our baby girl sleeping and God calling to her "Wake up baby, check out how your life shone and continues to shine, look at the lives you affected! You were created for more than this, but you were born for this moment."

I believe Lily was created with a destiny, that God had an awesome plan for her life, and the plan wasn't for her die but while I can't understand why God didn't step in and preform the miracle we were asking for, God was able to use a sucky situation to achieve some good stuff... I don't believe God was the cause of Lily's problems, and I believe the footprints Lily left behind in this world are much bigger than any her physical feet could have ever made!

I believe God loves Lily even more than I do, and more than I could even imagine!
I believe Lily is in Heaven, where she is being cared for by Angels!
I believe one day, when my life is over, she will be waiting for me!
I believe my baby girl is whole and without pain.
I believe my lovely Lily will never know anything but love. The love she had on earth, while incredible and extreme, can't even compare to the love she will be experiencing in Heaven.
I believe in miracles, and eve though we don't always see them, they are always happening!
I believe God's plan wasn't for Lily to die, but He was able to use a sucky situation for good.

As we continue to say, Lily was a blessing, she was loved, cherished and wanted by us, and by many. She changed our lives and I know she changed others, and had an effect on many more! And she did all this in the 8 months she was living inside a human zorb!

Today I am thankful for
~*~ The people I work with and for, not only are they all amazing at their jobs, but they have and are an amazing 'family' to be a part of, for the past months they have been there to celebrate with us and now as a constant source of love and support that I am so incredibly thankful for! ~*~

And my positive for today
~*~ Going to the movies with friends tonight... here's hoping its a good one! ~*~

Sarah. :)