Tuesday, April 26, 2011

26 April 2011

Well my day today started at 5.30am when Luke woke with really bad abdomen pain... we ended up in Emergency at the hospital where it was discovered that Luke has another kidney stone... poor thing! So he has some good pain medication and the good news is we were only in emergency for just over 2 hours! That must be a record for them surely? They were very good!

Then the owner of the funeral home that we had used for Lily's funeral rang Luke's mum (she was their point of contact really) and said that he felt God had told him to waive their fees for her funeral... which is about a $1000 cost, so through them all that needs to be paid is for the casket and the cross marker... there is still the burial plot and that but that is through the Hamilton City Council... so that was a huge surprise and a massive blessing! Our God is gooooooood!
I find it interesting that Lily was obviously still on his mind... we haven't had any contact with the funeral home for weeks now, it's not like we were ringing them or had just spoken to them, it was out of the blue!

I was also lucky enough to have two coffee dates today! Neither of them were planned until this morning! This mornings one was with my mum and Jen and then this afternoon with Sumi... all amazing women and it's great to spend time with them!

And I even managed to go shopping by myself today too! Well it was only to spotlight to get some more wool for knitting (baby pink was getting a little boring)... but I managed it without any freaking out... small things huh? Tomorrow I am going in to work to drop off some papers... it may only be a short visit depending on how I go, but small steps... the whole work freak out situation is something I do need to get under control so I can go back to work! I love my job, I aint giving that up!!!!
So wish me luck :)

Anyway, today I am thankful for...
~*~ The blessing we received in regards to the funeral costs! AMAZING! ~*~

And my positive for today...
~*~ Being able to go to spotlight by myself! Best foot forward today! ~*~

Sarah. :)