Saturday, July 30, 2011

My locket

When Lily was born some wonderful friends bought me a lovely and thoughtful gift... a heart shaped locket with "Lily 17.03.11" engraved on the back. I was quite surprised by the gift! I don't know when they thought of it, but they got it, had it engraved and were giving it to me the next day... I know it doesn't take long to engrave, but to have been so on to it! They even had to travel down from Auckland... Jen and Nico, you guys are amazing... thank you so much for the locket, I am not sure I ever thanked you properly! I have worn it every day since... even though I hadn't put any photos in it... but today, I finally put some photos in it! It's not the easiest thing to put photos in! You have to get them printed at the right size, cut them out in the right shape and get it in right... but today I did it all! :D And I am so happy with it! I LOVE it even more! Thought I would share it with you :D They are not the best photos... possibly due to the lighting... or just my bad photography! hahaha anyway, you get the idea, and I LOVE it so much! :D Again, thanks Jen and Nico!

Anyway, 2 posts in one day! Hahaha that should satisfy you Kim! :D