Sunday, July 3, 2011

3 July 2011

Today I got cuddles from 2 gorgeous little bubbas! The first one cried every time I held her! Hahaha thanks Ellyce! However, baby number 2 restored my faith in babies! Hahaha had some lovely snuggles from a gorgeous little Lachy (thanks Renee and Glen!). Baby snuggles are just amazing and fun (as long as they not crying and their nappies are clean!), I love them!

Anyway, today has been quite a 'thoughtful' day... full of lots of thoughts about things... not bad stuff, well most of it isn't bad stuff, just thoughts and things.

We went shopping today for Miss F's birthday presents as she turns 10 on Wednesday... what on earth do you buy a 10 year old you hardly know? Think we have done ok... but anyway, while we were out shopping we had to stop by a couple of baby departments for a gift (not for Miss F!!)and while wording this might be hard and it might sound strange, I was able to look at things and think of another baby... not like someone else's baby (they're great too of course), but our own baby, our next one, whenever a next one comes... and it also made me begin to think about a next one... as in what will it be? What will it look like, what will the pregnancy be like... all those things that I wondered before I got pregnant with Lily, and while I was pregnant of course... it was nice though to be able to look at things again and almost be kind of excited about buying them again... and while it sucks that it won't be for Lily... we will have another baby one day and that is just as exciting as it was when we were trying for Lily, and when we were pregnant with Lily, and while we had Lily... it doesn't ever mean that we replace Lily, just like a 2nd child is never a replacement of the first! Another baby will be a different baby, a different child with a different personality... get what I mean? I look forward to that, it is the excitement that I think should be felt (or more!) around every pregnancy, every baby... doesn't mean there is never fear or apprehension and all those things, but they should still be exciting...

I was thinking today, there are so many children, babies that are unwanted... and that is, to me, an extremely sad thing! Every child should KNOW they are wanted and that they are loved! I am not saying every pregnancy needs to be planned, that's not what I mean, even an unplanned pregnancy, a "mistake" can be turned around into a baby that is wanted and loved! I have seen it, and I really admire these people! But you see kids that are put up with rather than enjoyed, and kids that aren't even put up with... :( A child/baby should NEVER have to experience that! NEVER. and it really makes me sad!! That was the only 'bad' thought from today... it is just extremely sad, as an understatement.

On another note, have you ever listened to the song Aint nothing gonna break my stride... or whatever it is called? It goes "Aint nothing gonna break my stride, nobody gonna slow me down, oh no, I got to keep on moving"... I used to really like that song, and while I don't think it is a bad song or anything, I was listening to it today and I thought, it's not true... I have learned that there ARE things that "break your stride" and slow you down, but you know what? That's ok! You don't have to 'just keep moving', it is ok for things to affect you so much that you pause, that you slow down a bit... and you know what else, sometimes your stride does change, and that is ok too! Does that make sense? Well that is my take on that anyway... doesn't mean it is the same for everyone... but I think it is kind of unrealistic to expect that you can just go through life and nothing affects you enough to make you pause... 

Anyway, I am going to bed... it has been a good weekend! Roll on next weekend! Hahaha

I am thankful for...
~*~ Phil's birthday... so I didn't have to cook dinner! Thanks Pip! ~*~

And the positive of the day...
~*~ Who could go past the baby snuggles... both the crying ones and the sleepy ones... ~*~

I am looking forward to a great week ahead! :D