Friday, July 1, 2011

1 July 2011

Oh my, July already! Half way through the year!

Ok so it has been a few days since I have posted... that is because life is pretty uneventful! Well that and I am just so tired I can't be bothered posting! But just as an update, things are going well. I am back into my work and am loving it! We still have the kids living with us, and not much has happened for them really... there was a family group conference this week but haven't heard whether anything was achieved in it... they have been with us for 6 weeks now... it is like they have been with us for a lot longer, but also only a short time!  They are great kids and we are loving having them.

This week has been a good week really. Monday (or Tuesday?) I was pretty tired and was a bit of a mess but the next day was another day and was much better, it was just one of those days... you have good days and bad days at the best of times! It only makes sense to continue to have them even in harder times! Today though was a little hard in a way that did relate to Lily... 2 things, 1 - one of the kids had a dummy that was the same as one we had purchased for Lily... I know that might sound strange, but I just saw it and thought of Lily, but not really in a sad way, just a "I got one of those for Lily and she never got to use it"... the other thing was some people were discussing their littlies sleep patterns and routines and I was just watching thinking, I wish I could contribute to that conversation... I wish I could talk about a night with Lily... it's not that I don't want people to talk about it around me, I normally don't mind at all, and normally I am interested in how nights have gone for people, so if that's you, don't stop talking to me about your own baby, I do still care about you and yours and I do still want to hear it... I think this week, just being more tired has made me a bit more sensitive... it is strange how some very random things won't effect you one day, but does another day...

Am looking forward to a weekend... tomorrow night we are going out for Luke's work I believe... bowling and dinner? Will be good to get out, even if it is with people I don't know well so makes for a very awkward Sarah! hahaha

Anyway, I am thankful for...
~*~ These kids we have with us... they are awesome kids who we love having! We have learned a lot from having them, and from them themselves. Will be strange when they are gone! ~*~

And the positive for the day...
~*~ Dinner :D Thanks Luke, it was yum! ~*~