Monday, August 1, 2011

1 August 2011

The photos are of Lily just before we put her in her casket for the last time. I was looking through some photos over the weekend to get printed and I had almost forgotten about these. There are other ones I look at all the time, but when I looked at these I smiled because I know my little girl was wrapped, dressed, surrounded by LOVE when we laid her to rest... I mean I always knew she was, but so much love went into something that was also kind of painful... get what I mean? Burying your baby, your grandchild, niece, or loved one is not easy to say the least, but there were many physical symbols of love that went with her. I love that. There was many, many more symbols of love that went with her that these photos don't show... books, letters, messages, jewellery, toys... you wouldn't believe how full her casket was! But I love these photos because they show what she was dressed in, a beautiful cardi and booties and then wrapped in with what almost looks like a cloud, but is a beautiful knitted and lined blanket... all of it knitted just for her :)

Anyway, have you seen the ad on tv that starts with "life starts with tears, but that's ok"? I liked the ad the first few times I saw it, but then I saw it last night and my first thought was "that's not right"... and it's not... if life starts with tears then you are saying a baby's life doesn't start until they exit the womb and cry? I was trying to think when I would consider a life to start... heartbeat? Nope because there are still babies who never get to that stage and I fully believe they are more than just a few cells that are reproducing and hoping to become something bigger... As soon as we found out we were pregnant our baby had a life... yet no heartbeat... I know the ad doesn't mean to disregard lives... but it does! There are MANY, MANY lives that never get to cry... does that make them less of a life? So maybe life starts when that wriggly sperm reaches the egg and they begin the process of developing into a baby... no matter what stage that baby gets to...

Well that is my thoughts/feelings on the subject anyway!