Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3 August 2011

So today we had our meeting at the hospital in regards to the complaint we put in a couple of months ago... we didn't really know what to expect from the meeting... were they just humouring us and trying to make us feel like they were really listening to what we had to say? We didn't know... but I can say now that we know... hahaha the meeting was good, we didn't feel placated, it actually felt like they were listening and taking our concerns on board and willing to look at making a change.
It was kind of a strange meeting, because both Luke and I had to actually re read the letter we sent to remember what we had to complain about... hahaha it's not that there was suddenly nothing to complain about and we had been petty, it is just I guess that we had moved on and we don't dwell on those things. It hasn't scarred us for life or anything, it was just that the things we complained about don't matter to us now... but it the complaint wasn't about making it better for us, it was about trying to change it so the next people who have to go through this yucky situation will have a better birth experience. Making what is such a hard time, a bit easier.
It was just as well our wonderful midwife was there with us today! She obviously has a better memory than me and was able to bring up things I couldn't think of and do A LOT of the talking for us! THANK YOU!!!!
The meeting was good though, the two hospital people we talked to had OBVIOUSLY actually looked into the complaint and had talked to the people involved and done their "research" for lack of a better word. And it was good to hear that since our situation there with Lily, there are things that have already been put in place to improve it and make it easier/better for the next people. Our midwife who has had to go through a similar situation recently said it had already improved somewhat, which is almost a relief!  Not much else to say about that... the meeting was good and felt worthwhile... so yay. :)

This afternoon Luke and I went out to one of the places that make headstones and talked to them and got an idea of what we kind of want and how much it will cost... we want something that is a bit different to the other ones... unique and something that kind of symbolises Lily for us... there is no hurry for it, we are looking now so we don't have to rush something or anything like that... It was good to get an idea of shape, design and cost. We haven't worked out what to write on it yet!  What on EARTH do you write?

Yip, so that is that :D