Friday, August 19, 2011

19 August 2011

Photo is of a yummy Submarino... they give you hot frothy milk and sticks of chocolate to melt in it! YUM!!!

I just read through my last post and it really must have been a bad day! I am thankful that not many days are like that now. Most days are good, even great. Life is good :) I do recognise what we have been through, how hard it has been. But life is good! 

I had forgotten what it was like trying for a baby, how each month you hope for a different result, and you have trouble not getting your hopes up, but then nothing happens, the result is the same... the test continues to show one line (that means its negative for those of you who don't know!), or your period comes to mark the end of another month without success. Yeah it sounds depressing... but I am not depressed, so don't panic! I had just forgotten what it was like each month! And we haven't even been trying again for long! hahaha I guess since it took a year for us to get pregnant with Lily, I am scared it is going to take a long time to for it to happen again! The positive of it is that I know when it does happen for us again, when I do get pregnant, everything is ok! Once I was pregnant with Lily, the past 11 or so months didn't even matter any more! All was good then, the wait was over, we were having a baby!! And I know that once I am pregnant again and that wait  will cease to matter and all that will matter is my baby! And while it might sound strange, it isn't that we have waited since 2009 to have a baby... we have done that! We have had our baby... and I wouldn't give her up, such a beautiful, cherished and loved gift! The wait has just started again... for baby number 2... our next gift! :)  And I know that when this wait is over and the next wait begins (the waiting of the baby's arrival), this current one will disappear and be forgotten about.

It has now been 5 months since our Little Lily made her appearance! So brief but so lasting! Miss her like crazy every day, but the way I see it... missing her is a good thing! Sound strange? What I mean is I miss her because I love her so much, I miss her because she was such a big part of our lives, I miss her because she was such a fantastic part of our lives! She means so much to us, she was a blessing to us, and she brought us so much, so to miss her is a good thing! Because if I didn't miss her, that would mean she wasn't loved by us, that she wasn't a big part of our lives... Make sense? Well it does to me! :D

Well now that the whole World Wide Web knows that we are trying for baby number 2, here's hoping I will get to make an awesome post sometime in the near future!  It isn't a secret that we are trying, not that everyone WANTS to know! Hahaha but this blog has always been somewhere that I write very honestly, and this is a part of our life at the moment :) 

Anyway, that is my blog for now :) Life is great! We still have the kids with us! Nothing new on that front! They are doing well and we love having them! Huge learning journey for us, but worth it! We love it.

Stay safe everyone! There have been so many accidents and things around the country recently!